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Personalized modular kitchens
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Featuring modules and materials of superior quality, these kitchens are certain to make heads turn.

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Personalized kids rooms
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Our facilities have been designed to keep your kids entertained throughout the years.

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Personalized living rooms
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With living rooms that reflect your personality, you’ll leave a lasting impression

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Personalized dining rooms
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The dining rooms have been designed for ease of access and keeping up with current trends.

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Personalized Bedrooms
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Bringing personality and style to your bedrooms. Made to pamper you exactly the way you want.

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Personalized modular wardrobes
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Wardrobes instantly up the style quotient of your room when you store your prized possessions inside.

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The definitive guide to the best in Art, Architecture, and Design. From expert opinions to project visits, we got you covered.

Experience the feeling of a home designed to fit your lifestyle and reflect your personality. We can’t overstate the benefits. With our right combination of pleasing color schemes; free-flowing and functional spaces; perfect mood lighting and clever storage, you are on your way to a happier life.

We are pleased to offer the most advanced decorative finishes for classical interiors and ultramodern facilities: Decorative Paints & Texture Coating Stone Veneers Wall Panels Micro-Cement Floor System Stainless Steel Trims (Flooring, Wall Paneling) Over the years, we have completed many projects throughout Bangalore. Co-operating with designers and architects we create cozy atmospheres in homes, hotels, and apartments.


We provide a cost-effective electrical solution within a fixed time period to our valued customers. Our technicians only use high-quality electrical fitting components when installing or repairing your device, ensuring its trouble-free and long-term performance. It’s our priority to fulfill your demands in the best possible manner, so we work accordingly to meet them.

Our comprehensive range includes solid, mango, teak, rubber, acacia, plywood, engineered, and sheesham wood furniture, all of which can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. We also offer solid wood furniture in beds, dining tables, shoe racks, storage wardrobes, reception cabinets, sofa, and find exclusive modular furniture pieces.

We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs, wherever they may arise. With the highest standard of workmanship and qualification, our fitting teams are able to meet the most demanding of requirements, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with our work. Through close cooperation with our clients and flooring manufacturers, along with our skilled planning, estimating, and installation, we deliver cost-effective quality flooring in both newly constructed and refurbished buildings.